Since the implementation of the Mutual Recognition Agreement on Labour Mobility, the ACLS has two paths toward obtaining the CLS Commission. For complete descriptions of the exams, recommended study materials and detailed explanation of the examination procedures, please download the candidate handbook (on the forms page).

In summary, candidates who do not hold a Provincial Commission have to successfully complete the three 3 professional examinations covering the following subjects:

  • P1 – ‘Acts and Regulations and National Standards for the Surveys of Canada Lands’
  • P2A – ‘Onshore Property Rights’
  • P2B – “Offshore Property Rights”
  • P3 – ‘Indigenous Property Rights and other Topics’

Examination are on-line, on demand. Go to Forms section of the Web site for the exam registration form.

Candidates who hold a Provincial Commission are required to write a 4 hour on-line on demand professional exam incorporating the following subjects:

  • “Acts, Regulations and National Standards for Surveys on Canada Lands”
  • “Property Rights “
    • “Onshore”
    • “offshore”
  • “Indigenous Topics”

The exam is separate into 4 individual modules that can be challenged at different times.

To apply for an online exam, please see the forms section of webpage here.