Indigenous Resources

Since 1874, Canada Lands Surveyors have been closely involved in developing national resources, and are now reaching for a new level of maturity in their relationships with Canada’s Indigenous peoples. Today, ACLS members are expected to study Native Government Issues as a prerequisite for qualification, and many CLS’s make additional efforts to blend a relationship between traditional Indigenous beliefs and contemporary land management practices. With a complete appreciation of the clients’ land administration environment and unique requirements, the Canada Lands Surveyor can offer solutions that meet immediate needs as well as long-term goals.

The Association has shown leadership in this area by helping the National Aboriginal Lands Managers Association (NALMA) to set up its certification program for indigenous land managers. The ACLS has also established working relationships with the Assembly of First Nations and the First Nations Land Management Resource Centre Inc.

The Surveyor General Branch has conducted exhaustive research on property rights issues on Indigenous Lands in Canada and has published the following reports and as a service to our Indigenous partners, can be downloaded from this Web site:

Options for Land Registration and Survey Systems on Aboriginal Lands in Canada

Social and Economic Review of the Impact of Land Survey and Registration Systems on Canada Lands