Surveying is a career for those who want to combine their professional and technical skills in both the office and the outdoors. Surveyors get to use hi-tech tools like GPS, computers, graphics software, and robotic total stations in real life projects.

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Surveyors are becoming increasingly involved in geographic information systems and global positioning and are a part of exciting projects like the Chunnel between England and France or the Confederation Bridge between New Brunswick and PEI.

They may work outdoors in urban and rural environments while some have management responsibilities and spend more time in the office.

Surveying firms, government, utility companies or other geomatics corporations all need surveyors. Many choose to start their own surveying company or be partners in an existing survey company.

For students studying geomatics in a Canadian post-secondary institute, the ACLS Foundation Inc. offers three annual scholarships of $1,500.00, one of which is targeted at Aboriginal students.  The deadline for applications is May 15th of each year. For full information, click on ACLS Scholarships.