Strategic Plan

The Association has established a strategic plan.


Instilling public confidence in the regulation of Canada Lands Surveyors.


Remaining true to our mandate, we build trust & mutual respect through strong governance, effective self-regulation and individual proficiency.


Integrity: We can be trusted to protect the integrity of Canada Lands and land tenure while remaining fair and impartial.

Accountability: We follow through on our commitments and own our actions.

Competence: We are professional, knowledgeable and maintain ongoing competency through practice review and continuing professional development.

Innovation: We keep pace with new and emerging technology, transforming and changing as required to bring the greatest value and efficiency to the general public and our members.

Excellence: We are committed to quality and continuous improvement. We strive toward high performance, setting high standards for our members and ourselves.

Strategic Initiatives

  • Communicate the role and value of land surveying to the governance and socio-economic well-being of the country
  • Consult with related organizations and collaborate on common issues and goals
  • Engage, motivate and grow a diverse and robust membership
  • Foster the relationship between First Nations communities and the surveying profession