Most of the following forms have two versions; Word file that are designed to be filled out by clicking on the shaded fields and entering the information for each questions and a pdf file that can be printed and filled out by hand. Forms that don’t require a signature can be e-mailed to the ACLS office. Many of these forms that require a payment are linked to our e-commerce system which is secure. Please make payment that way.

Candidate Forms

Membership, Licence and Permit forms

  • ACLS Candidate Application form (PDF)
  • ACLS Membership Application HERE
  • Licence Application APPLY HERE
  • Application for a Training Period PDF
  • Training Period Assessment Form PDF
  • Certification of Surveying Experience PDF, WORD
  • Affidavit (Training & Experience) PDF
  • Statutory Declaration (Training & Experience) PDF
  • Affidavit for people holding Provincial Commission PDF
  • Statutory Declaration for people holding Provincial Commission PDF
  • Permit Application APPLY HERE

Practice forms

  • Digital Seal WORD
  • Monument and Plan Levy Report  WORD
  • MyCLSS Parcel Renewal Form WORD

Miscellaneous forms


      • Scholarship Application PDF, WORD
      • David Thompson Geomatics Awards Registration PDF WORD
      • RICS – Request for Membership Form – ACLS Direct Entry 2016 WORD
      • Travel Bursary Application PDF, WORD
      • ACLS Promotional Brochure Order PDF
      • Expense Claim EXCEL
      • Retiring CLS WORD
      • Licence Cancellation  WORD
  • ACLS International Hydrographer Certification Scheme forms located under offshore expertise