Becoming a Candidate

Only persons holding a commission as a Canada Lands Surveyor and having a valid Association of Canada Lands Surveyors licence to practice are authorized to perform cadastral surveying on Canada Lands and private lands in the Territories. So the first step is to obtain a CLS Commission.

The process for obtaining a CLS commission starts with becoming a candidate. If you meet one or more of the following requirements you can apply directly to the ACLS to become a candidate:

  • If you hold a Commission or Licence as a land surveyor in a Canadian province or,
  • If you hold a Certificate of Completion from the Canadian Board of Examiners for Professional Surveyors (CBEPS).

If you do not meet any of the above criteria, you first must obtain a Certificate of Completion from CBEPS. To apply to CBEPS, click here.

Application form is available on the “Forms” page.

If you are a commissioned land surveyor in a Province, have your association send a certificate of conduct directly to the ACLS Registrar.

If you do not hold a commission and have a CBEPS Certificate of Completion, please indicate the certificate number on the application form.

View the candidate handbook (on the forms page) with complete instructions on the process