Certified Hydrographers

Canadian Hydrographer Certification Panel (CHCP)

List of Current Certified Professionals in Hydrographic Surveying

Last Name First Name Date of Certification Level Designation Category Contact Country
Babineau Sylvain 2017-08-11 1 CH sylvain.babineau@groupocean.com Canada
Aiyer Hariharan 2018-04-04 1 CH hariharan.aiyer@outlook.com India
Farrelly Chris 2019-03-15 1 CH CAT A bc.farrelly@gmail.com Canada
Ryan Buchoon 2019-12-03 1 CH ryan.buchoon@gmail.com Canada
David Dodd 1970-01-01 1 CH CAT A daviddoddbc@gmail.com Canada
Peyton Derrick 2021-10-28 CHE CAT A derrick.peyton@iictechnologies.com Canada
Wagner Barry 2021-05-20 CHE wagnerbe4@gmail.com Canada
Hamilton Jacob 2022-07-22 1 CH jacob.hamilton@precisionhydrographic.com.au Australia