Certified Hydrographers

Canadian Hydrographer Certification Panel (CHCP)

List of Current Certified Professionals in Hydrographic Surveying

Last Name First Name Date of Certification Level Designation Category Contact City Country
Babineau Sylvain 2017-08-11 1 CH sylvain.babineau@groupocean.com Québec Canada
Aiyer Hariharan 2018-04-04 1 CH CAT A hariharan.aiyer@outlook.com India
Farrelly Chris 2019-03-15 1 CH CAT A bc.farrelly@gmail.com New Westminster Canada
Ryan Buchoon 2019-12-03 1 CH ryan.buchoon@gmail.com Brampton Canada
David Dodd 1970-01-01 1 CH CAT A daviddoddbc@gmail.com Canada
Peyton Derrick 2021-10-28 CHE CAT A derrick.peyton@iictechnologies.com Canada
Wagner Barry 2021-05-20 CHE wagnerbe4@gmail.com Canada
Hamilton Jacob 2022-07-22 1 CH jacob.hamilton@precisionhydrographic.com.au Australia
Mackenzie Ruairidh 2022-11-08 2 CH TECH CAT B rorymackenzie2@gmail.com Victoria Canada