The Mandate of the Association of Canada Lands Surveyors


The mandate of the Association of Canada Lands Surveyors (ACLS) is to regulate and govern the practice of surveying on Canada Lands and private lands in the territories, for the protection of the public interest, in accordance with the Canada Lands Surveyors Act, SC 1998, c. 14, – 1998, its Regulations and Bylaws.

The practice of the ACLS membership is monitored through a practice review process, while professional conduct and competence are held to high standards and subject to investigation and adjudication when called to question. Mandatory professional development, licencing & permitting requirements, minimum insurance requirements and strong Council oversight over the regulatory aspects and association operations, all contribute to the mandate of protecting the public interest.

Who We Are

The Association was created through an Act of Parliament in 1998 bringing full self-regulation to the ACLS through powers of regulation over its members, a clear duty to always serve the public interest and clear governance oversight of the association through its Council.

The current Association is the continuation of the previous Association of Canada Lands Surveyors, namely one established in 1985 to enhance the practice of professional land surveying and related spatial disciplines, through establishing standards of qualification, knowledge, skill, ethics and conduct among its members. This Association was itself the continuation of other ones that existed from time to time since the early days of surveying in Canada.

Today, under the powers delegated through The Canada Lands Surveyors Act, SC 1998, c. 14, (the Act), which is under the authority of the Minister of Natural Resources Canada, as a self-governed professional association and a regulatory body, the ACLS’s mandate ensures members are competent in providing the services that society has entrusted to them and to elevate, within the public’s interest, the value the profession brings to those reliant on the professional services of our members.

How We Are Governed

The ACLS Council is comprised of elected members and appointed members of the public. As the governance entity for the ACLS, the Council ensures that all manner of regulatory requirements are approved and monitored for Association admission, member’s practice activities, conduct & competency, licensure requirements, investigation & discipline and more.

The Council has ultimate oversight of the ACLS with respect to managing the affairs of the Association, acting on behalf of the Association, regulatory oversight, setting the organization’s strategy, managing risk, meeting  statutory objectives and being accountable to the Minister of Natural Resources who holds ultimate oversight over the Act.

How We Measure Success

The ACLS is successful and the profession itself succeeds, if through appropriate regulatory standards, member’s ethics, and strong oversight, we are able to elevate society’s trust and esteem for the profession. We succeed if we meet our objectives in a fair, transparent and just manner.