About the Association of Canada Lands Surveyors

The ACLS is not-for-profit, non governmental organization that governs the activities of its members in the field of cadastral (boundary or legal) surveying.

Cadastral surveying is typically governed by provincial legislation. In fact, each Canadian province has a surveying association which is responsible for regulating its members. Provincial legislation does not govern surveying on “Canada Lands”, so the ACLS comes in as the eleventh surveying association.

The ACLS is unique in many ways:

  • It is the only federally enacted self-governing professional association
  • Members are spread out all over Canada
  • It has jurisdiction over a vast territory
  • Since it was only officially constituted in 1985, it’s the youngest Canadian surveying association
  • Most ACLS members also have one or two provincial surveying commissions
  • It’s officially bilingual (English and French)
  • The CLS profession is truly multidisciplinary.

A full time staff including an Executive Director/Registrar/Secretary Treasurer, his Assistant, an Administrative Assistant, a Communications and Membership Services Administrator, and a part time Practice Review Manager provide the administrative support for the organization. A number of volunteer committees provide the balance of the framework for the Association to meet its objectives.