Public Protection

The ACLS has a series of processes and programs to make sure that its members maintain the highest standards of professionalism and competence. ACLS Licence holders have to meet the association minimum continuing professional development requirements and their work is reviewed every three years under our practice review program.

If you feel that the CLS you hired did not behave in a professional manner or seems incompetent, contact the Registrar (see contacts page of the Web site). The Registrar will guide you through the ACLS Complaints and Discipline process.

Most difficulties arising in client/surveyor relationships are the result of miscommunications.  Depending on individual circumstances, a simple matter may be resolved within thirty days.  Typically in such a situation, the Registrar, or someone else agreeable to both parties, will act as a mediator.

If it’s necessary to file a complaint, please visit the Complaints page on this website.