David Thompson Award Winners

Below is a list of all David Thompson National Geomatics Awards Winners from 2007 to present:

2022 Winners:
Challenging Cadastral Survey Project: Joe Iles, Challenger Geomatics Ltd. Field Notes of Natural Boundary Investigation Hay River Dene Reserve No. 1, for the Kátł’odeeche First Nation, Northwest Territories
Challenging Non-Cadastral Survey Project: Trevor Burton of McElhanney Ltd. High-definition survey of a century-old rail bridge
2020 Winners:
Rob Riecken: Multi-Instrument Automated Monitor of Vital Highway Bridge in Vancouver
2019 Winners
David Attwood of Attwood Surveys Ltd. For the project entitled: "Louisbourg Habour Survey. Louisbourg Cape Breton Island, NS"
Tyler Mikkelson of Caltech Surveys Land Surveying BC Ltd. for the project entitled: "Old Fort Landslide Survey"
2018 Winners
Paul Burbidge, Inukshuk Geomatics for the project entitled: “Inuvik
to Tuktoyaktuk Highway, Northwest Territories-Inukshuk
Geomatics Inc.”.
Chris El-Araj of Underhill &
Underhill for the project entitled: “The George Massey
Tunnel Automated Monitoring Project.”

2017 Winners:
Christopher de Haan, Underhill Geomatics Ltd.
“Survey the natural boundary of the Toquana Indian Reserve #4”
James Ferguson, Telloch Engineering
“Engineering Survey of Metrolinx’s Go Transit Electrification Project”

2016 Winners
Ryan Schuler, Sub-Arctic Surveys Ltd
“Winter Road Deformation Monitoring in the Northwest Territories”
Paul Dixon, Opus Stewart Weir Ltd.
“Survey of Nunavut/Northwest Territories Remote Border”
Ryan Schuler, Sub-Arctic Surveys Ltd.
“Winter Road Deformation Monitoring in the Northwest Territories”

2015 Winners
Dave Gurnsey, Atlus Geomatics LP
“Atlus Adventurer-Sonar Jet Boat”
Douglas Dodge, Exton and Dodge
“Survey of Lots 4 to 149, Nesuch IR3 and Lots 1 to 35, Mount Currie IR 8, BC”
Varick Ollerhead, Ollerhead and Associates
“Winter Survey of NU/NWT Border”

2014 Winners
Adam Brash, Focus
“Focus Journey Management”
Robert Allen, Robert Allen and Company
“Resurvey of Kootenay River”
Kevin Kujala, Tulloch Engineering and Murrary Shantz, MMM Group Limited
“Armow Wind Farm”

2013 Winners
David Tulloch, Tulloch Engineering
“Terrestrial LiDAR Scanning for Mining Applications”
Jim Christie, McElhanney Associates
“LiDAR Reveals Hidden Angkor Ruins”
Tim Blak, Tulloch Mapping Solutions Inc. and Travis Hartwick, Stantec Geomatics Inc.
“Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport Mobilr LiDAR Survey for Boeing Bump Index”

2012 Winners
Daniel Lachance, Altus Geomatics
Ron Robinson, Challenger Geomatics
“First Nation Training”
Jim Sutherland, Focus Corporation
“Interactive Orthophoto Plans with Embedded Media Using Consumer Level Cameras”

2011 Winners
Jim Christie, McElhanney Associates
“GPS Monitoring of BC Place Stadium Roof”
Murray Shantz, MMM Group
“Holy Cities”
Jim Christie, McElhanney Associates
“Capilano Suspension Bridge”

2010 Winners
Patrick Byrne, Fugro Jacques Geosurveys Inc.
“Accuracy and Precision in 120 metres of water”
David Gray, Hydrographic and Geodetic Consulting
“Geographic Definition of a Maritime Boundary in Guyana”
Jim Christie, McElhanney Associates
“LIDAR/GPS Terrain Modeling for Hydraulic Design and Evacuation Planning”

2009 Winners
Not enough participants

2008 Winners
Bill McIntosh, W.D. McIntosh Land Surveying Ltd.
“Support of the 2007 Vanderhoof Flood Emergency Response”
John Blair, McElhanney Associates
“Land Management and Land Registration in the Tsunami Recovery Program”

2007 Winners
David C. Bazett, Bazzet Land Surveying Inc.
“Buckley Bay Ferry Terminal”
Ian Edwards, Edwards and Associates Ltd. And Informative Brokerage Ltd.
“Land Gazette”