Surveyors in Nova Scotia

Last Name First Name City Employer Phone
Attwood David T. Coxheath Attwood Surveys Limited (902) 567-4916
Hardy Wayne D. Sydney
Gillis James Johns Creek
Davison Buster Hants Border B. Davison Surveying & Engineering Ltd.
Parker Garry S. Porters Lake, Halifax County NorthTech Consultants Inc. (902)802-3333
Gould Michael James Amherst Rayworth and Roberts Surveys
Zwicker Charles Falmouth Able Engineering and Land Surveying
LeBlanc Matthew J. Middleton DeWolfe & Morse Surveying Ltd.
Stephen Adam M.F. Dartmouth WSP Canada Inc. (902) 835-9955
Middlemiss Bradley Dartmouth Government of Nova Scotia
Crowell Timothy Brookside WSP Canada Inc
MacMaster Michael River John Canadrill Ltd. (902) 233-0494
Pyke Brian New Albany K.B.M. Forestry Consultants (902) 824-2214
Roddick Courtney Amherst Natural Resources Canada