Corporations, partnerships or unincorporated organizations or associations (not departments or agencies of the government of Canada or of a province) who employ an ACLS Licence holder, must hold a valid ACLS Permit.

The requirements for an entity to obtain a permit are as follows:

  • a principal function of the entity is surveying
  • the entity has within its management at least one licence holder who ensures that the entity complies with the Association’s standards of conduct, knowledge and skill in its surveying activities
  • the entity has professional liability insurance coverage at least equivalent to that required by licensed members and
  • the name of the entity is not misleading, self-laudatory or inappropriate with regard to protection of the public and the integrity of the profession.

In order to verify that one of the entity’s principal activities is surveying, one of the following documents must be included with the permit application:

  • In the case where an entity is a corporation, a copy of the official corporate documents that set out the business activities that the entity can undertake (the “objects” of the corporation)
  • In the case where the entity is a partnership, a copy of the parts of the partnership agreement that sets out the business activities that the partnership can undertake or
  • In the case where the entity is an unincorporated organization or association, a copy of the parts of the organizational documents that specify what business activities will be performed by the entity.

To verify that the entity (1) has at least one ACLS licence holder amongst its senior management staff; (2) the licence holder is involved in the decision making process as it relates to surveying activities on Canada Lands; (3) the licence holder has actual authority and means within the entity to control surveying activities on Canada Lands, the application should also include one or more of the following documents:

  • In the case of an incorporated or limited company, an official list of the members of the Board of Directors which includes at least one licensed ACLS member (for example it could be a copy of the most recent annual return to Corporations Canada if federal)
  • An organization chart;
  • Job description of the licensed CLS(s)
  • Any other document illustrating the licensed CLS’s responsibilities.

If the CLS(s) is (are) member(s) of the Board of Directors, the CLS(s) is(are) deemed to have sufficient authority. If some of the requested documents do not exist, then an affidavit or statutory declaration signed by the Chief Executive Officer and the licensed CLS(s) declaring that the CLS(s) has(have) full authority and means to control surveying activities on Canada Lands is deemed sufficient.

Forms are available on the “Forms” page of the Web site.