After receiving a commission as a Canada Lands Surveyor, candidates must meet the following requirements to qualify for an ACLS licence to practice:

  • Is a regular member of the ACLS;
  • has successfully completed the professional training period in accordance with the Candidate Handbook;
  • has provided a project report according to the Project Report requirements of the Candidate Handbook that has been approved by the Board of Examiners;
  • has provided an affidavit according to the Canada Lands Surveyors Regulations;
  • has sent to the Registrar a duly completed application for a license form;
  • has provided proof of the required professional liability insurance (policy limit not be less than $250,000 for each single occurrence and $500,000 for all occurrences in any 12 month period) or proof of exemption; and
  • has paid the licence and affidavit fees.

Candidates who are authorized to practice cadastral surveying in a Canadian province are exempt from the second and third requirements (training period and project report) and have to provide the Affidavit (or Statutory Declaration) for people holding Provincial Commission (different from “Affidavit (Training & Experience)”).

Licence application form, affidavits and statutory declarations are available on the “Forms” page.