The ACLS Book

In November 2018, the Association of Canada Lands Surveyors Council embarked on the production of its first book on the CLS profession presently being written by acclaimed author, Charlie Wilkins.

“A Sense of Where You Are” will be a story, both in the individual and collective sense. It’s either the stories the surveyors tell about themselves, or the stories that Charlie tells about his observations of them … the book is based on his interviews and travels with the various surveyors, will be built around their stories, and the “story” of Charlie’s time with them, plus of course some well-researched history. All of this accompanied by spectacular images from the lands and waters where Canada Lands Surveyors do their work. 

The overall objective of this publication is to provide a captivating and varied experience for its readers and provide a non-typical and more encompassing view of the role of the professional land surveyor in Canada. A broad story will be narrated describing Canada Lands Surveyors’ varied experiences across Canada with anecdotes on how the profession has contributed to and continues to contribute to the historical development and contemporary challenges facing an evolving nation.

Through the delivery of a variety of independent inviting elements that are relevant to the interests of the Association, each reader can expect to immerse themselves into a book that provides a sense of curiosity and indulgence from start to finish.

It is with great excitement that we provide the following glimpse into the ACLS Book, which we are hoping to launch in fall 2021.

On February 3rd, 2021 the ACLS hosted a virtual reading from author Charlie Wilkins, you can view the recording below.

It is recognized that the timing may seem inappropriate to request additional financial support, given the economic impacts of the current pandemic, however, perhaps now more than ever we need to communicate the role of the profession and its contribution to society. We are confident that this book will help us reach that goal, in a way that has not been pursued in the past. Your financial contributions are appreciated and will be recognized in the book. If you have not already, please consider being part of the project through a donation.

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We are also in need of photographs for the book. Please send us images (preferably high resolution) of CLS’s in the field, and especially of you in your early years in the profession. Please send them via e-mail to or you can send hardcopies to the ACLS office.