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NSC 2019

The Association of Canada Lands Surveyors and Professional Surveyors Canada are uniting for the upcoming National Surveyors Conference, which is, will happen in Halifax on May 1 to 3, 2019 held at Hotel Halifax. It will be the first joint ACLS-PSC Conference. The theme of the conference is: Historic Gateway to Canada. Please click here to reserve your group rate. The preliminary program for the technical sessions is as follows:

·        On Wednesday, PSC will have a 2 part seminar entitled: Responding to Change – The Evolving Boundaries of Practice (Part 1: Morning, Part 2: Afternoon [practical]). The topics will include

  • Drivers of Change I – Technology
  • Drivers of Change II – Society
  • Drivers of Change III – Governance & Policy
  • International Scan

·        A concurrent seminar option in the afternoon will be the following themes:

  • o   Up-date on the National Standards
  • o   Field Notes in the modern Age

On Thursday morning, a session on Data Security and Virtual Offices.