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Only individuals holding a CLS Commission and an ACLS Licence are authorized to practice cadastral surveying on Canada Lands or private lands in the Territories. After receiving a commission as a Canada Lands Surveyor, candidates must meet the following requirements to qualify for an ACLS licence to practice:

  1. has successfully completed the professional training period in accordance with the Candidate Handbook;
  2. has provided a project report according to the Project Report requirements of the Candidate Handbook that has been approved by the Board of Examiners;
  3. has provided an affidavit according to the Canada Lands Surveyors Regulations;
  4. has sent to the Registrar a duly completed application for a license in the form provided by the ACLS;
  5. has provided proof of the required professional liability insurance (policy limit not be less than $250,000 for each single occurrence and $500,000 for all occurrences in any 12 month period) or proof of exemption; and
  6. has paid the licence and affidavit fees.

Candidates who are authorized to practice cadastral surveying in a Canadian province are exempt from requirements 1. (experience), 2. (project report) and have to provide the Affidavit (or Statutory Declaration) for people holding Provincial Commission (different from “Affidavit (Training & Experience)”).

Click here to go to the Forms section of the Web site. The Candidate Handbook is available in Web page entitled “Examination”.