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Becoming a Candidate

Only persons holding a commission as a Canada Lands Surveyor and having a valid Association of Canada Lands Surveyors licence to practice are authorized to perform cadastral surveying on Canada Lands and private lands in the Territories. See following for definition:

The process for obtaining a CLS commission starts with becoming a candidate. If you meet one or more of the following requirements you can apply directly to the ACLS to become a candidate:

  • If you hold a Commission or Licence as a land surveyor in a Canadian province, or are in the process of attaining one; or,
  • If you hold a Certificate of Completion from the Canadian Board of Examiners for Professional Surveyors (CBEPS)

If you do not meet any of the above criteria, you first must obtain a Certificate of Completion from CBEPS. To apply to CBEPS, click here.

To complete your application, submit the Candidate Application Form found here, along with the registration fee, and:

  • If you are a commissioned land surveyor in a Province:
    • A copy of your commission or licence to practice land surveying in your province; and
    • A certificate of conduct issued by your home association showing the status of the commission or licence.
  • If you do not hold a commission and have a CBEPS Certificate of Completion – the certificate number.