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Becoming a CLS

The ACLS has five membership categories:
  • Regular: individuals who have a Canada Lands Surveyors’ Commission
  • Student: candidates for the CLS Commission or any student enrolled in a geomatics program
  • Associate: person who has an interest in the surveying profession without being a CLS.
  • Honorary Life: is awarded by the ACLS Council to CLSs who has rendered signal service to the Association and the surveying profession
  • Honorary: is awarded to a person who is not a Canada Lands Surveyor and who has rendered eminent service to the surveying profession
  • Retired: those CLSs who have retired from the surveying profession.
Individuals who want to practice cadastral (property boundary) surveying on Canada Lands or private lands in the three Territories have to hold an ACLS Licence to Practice. Only Regular ACLS Members can hold a Licence and the first step is to qualify for a Canada Lands Commission.