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David Thompson Awards


Celebrating excellence in the field of geomatics in Canada, the David Thompson National Geomatics Awards was introduced in the winter of 2006-2007. The program was developed in cooperation with Professional Surveyors Canada (then Canadian Council of Land Surveyors). The eigth annual David Thompson National Geomatics Awards were presented at the National Surveyors’ Conference on May 14, 2014 at the Fairmont Winnipeg in Winnipeg, MB. Click here for a press release on the winners and nominees.

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The next awards will be presented to winners during the upcoming National Surveyors Conference in Ottawa, Ontario on March 1, 2017 for the following categories:

  • Innovation in Geomatics
  • Contribution to Society
  • Challenging Applications in Cadastral Surveying

Deadline for submissions: March 31, 2017

For more information and to submit projects please see the David Thompson Awards website here.




Who is eligible:

  • A commissioned surveyor who was directly involved in the project being submitted may make a submission
  • Furthermore, commissioned Surveyors must be members of the Canadian association that represents the jurisdiction of their commission
  • A project that was completed within the last three (3) years shall be considered eligible for an award
  • Candidates may select more than one category on the Candidate Submission Form regarding suitability of their submission.

Who can nominate:

All commissionned surveyors in Canada can nominate a surveyor whose work they feel was outstanding. 



Awards will be presented for the following categories:

Innovation in Geomatics: this Award recognizes a survey project that involved the most innovation either by:

  • Applying innovative methods in survey project
  • Never or seldom used technology to solve a survey problem
  • Judges will select the most innovative project.

Contribution to Society: this Award recognizes a survey project that has the most positive impact on Society. This impact could be in the form of:

  • Important involvement in new infrastructure in Third World countries
  • Major contribution in cases of natural disasters
  • Technological transfer or capacity building in less fortunate communities
  • Judges will select the project that will have made the most impact.

Challenging Applications in Cadastral Surveying: this Award recognizes a project that applied cadastral surveying methods and technology to solve the most challenging technical problem such as:

  • Surveying with logistical challenges
  • Applying cadastral surveying solutions in uncommon circumstances
  • Judges will select the project that applied unconventional solutions to solve the most unusual and challenging cadastral surveying problem.

  Selection of submissions and presentation of Awards:

  • Within two weeks subsequent to the Deadline for Submissions, a judging panel will select the top three submissions for each category (Short List)
  • A direct representative of each short listed submission must be present at the Awards Gala event in order to receive the award
  • A poster of the submission will be required for display at the National Surveyors' Conference

A winner for each category will be announced during the National Surveyors' Conference!

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